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UE Square (Freehold)

3BR, 1625 sqft

One open house, one weekend and this gorgeous freehold 3BR at UE Square is SOLD EXACTLY at the price the sellers wants!

"I am writing to express my sincere thanks and commendation of Allen and Janet on securing a buyer for my property at UE Square. Despite a challenging market, they were able to close the sale on the property while meeting exactly my asking price within a very short time.

The sale was transacted within a single viewing whereas we had originally anticipated a longer and more protracted marketing period involving multiple viewing sessions.
It was a nice surprise for us that Allen and Janet was able to find a motivated buyer who was eager to close the deal with no compromise in our asking price in such a short time.

This combination with the reality of the challenging property market has inspired me to write to ERA today to commend the great help and service that they have rendered to us. I would not hesitate to recommend Allen and Janet to my friends and associates for all their real-estate needs."

Thanks and Kind Regards,
Aaron D'Alwis, Owner of UE Square

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