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Thomson Grand Condo

What Amelia said about us:

I got acquainted with Allen and Janet when I chanced upon their Facebook video. I liked the sincerity they portrayed in the video and decided to contact them. They were prompt in responding and came over the next day.


They spoke to me for a few hours to understand my situation thoroughly. My initial plan was to sell or rent. But Allen and Janet analysed my situation and advised me to rent out my unit instead.

Throughout our conversation, I found them genuinely sincere in helping me: no hard-selling, no sugar-coating, just honest opinion from highly experienced property agents.


After affirming my plan to rent out the unit, they proceeded in a systematic manner: Janet taking charge of photography and Allen for videography. They were meticulous in the placement of the furniture and items coupled with a really good eye for capturing the best angles. They work really well as a team and that boosted my confidence in their capability and my decision in engaging them.

I was truly impressed when they sent me the video and images shortly after. When my unit was up for rent, there were at least 10 similar units looking for tenants. But mine secured a tenant with a fantastic profile at the second viewing.


It didn't stop there - they continued to keep me updated every step of the way and provided timely reminders on the actions I needed to take to prepare the unit for handover.

I believe Allen and Janet's rich experience and knowledge in the property market enabled them to employ the right marketing strategy which found me a good tenant.


With that, I will certainly be turning to them for advice in building up my property portfolio. Thank you for making my journey as a first-time landlord such a smooth and fuss-free one.

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