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The Medley (Freehold) 

Original 3BR converted to 2BR, 1411 sqft

How do you sell a house originally a 3BR converted to a 2BR, has a lot of outdoor space, rooftop terrace, west sun? Well, we managed to sell at a price the owners are very happy with and they’ve moved on to their dream house - a beautiful landed property.

We met our clients when they came to view a house we were marketing.

They asked if we have the time to sit down with them and discuss some matters. During our 2nd meet up, they were actually impressed with the way we marketed the unit and asked if we are keen to market their own house!

After explaining to our client on the marketing plans that we will embarked on, we also told them honestly that because of some challenging factors about the house, the sale might not be as fast as we hoped. They fully understood and all of us started off on the same page.

After 3 months of marketing, there were many buyers but no offers. Our clients gave us the reassurance. “Don’t worry, let’s renew the exclusive. We’ve seen how you guys worked the last 3 months and have the utmost confidence that you guys will find us a buyer.”

And true enough, after just 3 weeks of marketing this beautifully designed penthouse, we managed to secure a offer for our client at a price they’re totally happy with!

Are you facing challenges in selling your property?
- Many viewings but mostly unfruitful
- There are many objections to the house
- Offers you received are ridiculously low
- Is your house effectively market to reach out to the targeted buyers in this digital age?
- Agent did not come and conduct viewings
- Are you working with a friend/relative agent who you find that it is complicated to mix relationship with business and this is affecting the sale?

We have the track record to make it work for you. Know your options.

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