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TESTIMONIAL : Our Happy Sellers - Edwin & Maryanne | $20,000 COV ACHIEVED!

⭐⭐ Hear from our clients - Edwin & Maryanne on their experience with us ⭐⭐ 

Their house was sold IN 2 MONTHS with an extra $20,000 Above Valuation 

" Allen and Janet are a formidable team. They showed their professionalism and care in every step of the way.


We felt protected, and that is a very important critieria, purely because they wanted to make sure we knew what to expect and how to deal with unexpected issues.


They had a direction of how to market our home. Notwithstanding how they made sure they were always available to address our concerns and queries.


It has been an extremely pleasant experience!! We highly recommend them, it is a no brainer.


We wish them both all the success they richly deserve. Go forth and conquer the market you two!! "


All the best the "Au's"

Maryanne & Mr Au


We have yet to see a house that cannot be sold. Even the most challenging ones such as Low floor, Noisy, Bad facings, Face MRT tracks, Run down condition, Inconvenient locations, Old <60yrs balance lease.....& the list goes on.


The REAL PROBLEM is that the WRONG marketing strategies & selling techniques have been used - that’s why many homeowners are going in circles with their sale without reaching their final objectives - of getting their house sold & many lose thousands selling at lousy prices


Whether you're looking to sell your HDB flat or Condo, you deserve to sell it@the maximum price.

Are you still looking for the right property agent to have your house sold? 

We are Allen & Janet - Real Estate Agents with Positive Reviews, Results & Credentials.


- We are featured in Mediacorp/CNA/Ch5/The Straits Times 

- We have Achieved Results & Record Prices for our clients

- We have Positive reviews & Strong clients testimonials 


Give us a call at Allen 9796 7670 or Janet 9623 6164 or send us a message and we will be happy to arrange a discussion and partner you in the marketing of your house for the right results.

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