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Extensive Custom-Made Social Media Marketing Campaign

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Our clients, Chong & Josie’s experience with us:

“We have a wonderful experience working with Allen & Janet in selling our property. Before them, we had engaged other agents to sell for us but the results were not to our expectations.


We are also worried because we have a timeline to meet since we have already bought our new house - we need to meet our ABSD remission deadline, if not it is going to cost us a lot of money.

They have proven that our switch to work with them was a wise decision - They sold our property by the 2nd month and got us a very good price that's much higher than a same floor neighbour who sold theirs!

What we like about them is that they give us very honest advice and strategies on how to make our house stand out from the competition. The best part is that they sold it without using home staging and home tour videos which everyone is doing right now. They assured us that since we are still living in it therefore it wouldn't be practical to do so.


What surprised us too is that after they did a product USP analysis (something new to us) for our unit, they advise us that the way to market our house should not be a typical home tour videos so they focus the marketing on the top USP instead of the layout and decoration.

We are extremely happy and cannot thank them enough that our house is sold and we are in time for our ABSD remission!”

~ Chong & Josie of 270 Sengkang ~

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