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Zhang Hua & JianHao of Sengkang Eastway


What they say about us:

Allen & Janet sold our 2nd Floor, Right Above Rubbish Chute unit – which our previous agents couldn’t sell off for us.

Our EA flat was on the market for a very long time, we even tried getting a few agents to sell but still unable to sell it off. We were told that no buyers wanted our flat because it’s low floor and above rubbish chute. But that’s not what we could control – we didn’t know what else we could do other than keep on waiting.


We were getting anxious because we really want to move to our dream Executive Condo ASAP. Just when we start to resign to fate that we will be stuck with this flat then one day my colleague who sold her house through Allen & Janet recommended them to us.

When we met Allen & Janet, they told us that the facts about the house is something that we can’t deny. So instead of doing the hard sell way. Their strategy is to be open about it and do a reverse psychology method. 

They also had a digital marketing plan that is customised to reach out to our potential buyers. What we like is that they don’t wait for things to happen.


They knew how to sell a house that came with imperfections and still get a good price. Finally, our wait is over, the flat was sold! And we have fulfilled our dream to upgrade to an EC.

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