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City View @ Boon Keng 5rm 1152 sqft Middle floor

Recently MOP Cityview@Boon Keng, SOLD! 
27th floor sold $865k
17th floor sold $855k
11th floor sold $842k
We sold our Below 11th floor unit of the Same Stack for $850,000
That’s right!

What Vincent & Kelly of City View @ Boon Keng says about us:

" The trust that our owners have in us allowed us to focus on getting the right buyers and achieve the best possible price for them. 
The offers we got were always around $820k but with so much trust and faith in us, we were able to hold on to the highest price for them.

Because they sticked to us so firmly that we could filter the right buyers to view the house. We had no pressure thus we could focus on QUALITY over QUANTITY. Many buyers & many agents may seem to be good on the surface but it's the quality of the buyers that really matters to achieve the optimal price.

Here's what the clients said about us:

“What sets them apart from the other agents is they’re not just here for our selling. They understand that we want to be very safe so they took the effort to go through our next housing plans and even our future plans. They helped us with our financial calculations and the type of properties that are safe to buy. Even down to the details of management of the timeline of our selling and buying to ensure that it's smooth and safe.

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