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" How Allen & Janet caught my attention on social media was their TV interviews and their clients' sharing videos.

I have seen many agents ads around, Allen & Janet’s strategy stood out as it was very different from the rest. "

My daughter and I engaged them to sell our condo. From the first meetup to closing, we found them professional.  They don't make big promises just to win us over.  

They even made the efforts to study and do up an analysis on my property, and they discovered that quite a number of selling points were missed out before. Because of the wrong marketing angle, there was very little interests. Allen & Janet did a complete change to the campaign with a totally new marketing angle which bring out the good points of my property.

When it comes to analyzing the selling price, they did not speculate numbers but it was all based on real data and market research, this part was key in helping us sell off the house.    
We can see that more and better buyers are coming to see our house. We are pleased with how things have improved although it took them longer than 3 months to find a buyer, we have never considered switching them especially seeing how they worked.  They finally got it sold at a price we are very happy with.  

Allen & Janet are very open and positive in their personalities.  They treat this job seriously and definitely not the type who are just trying their luck at it.


~ Mdm Lai, Regent Heights Condo ~

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