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Levin & Alicia's Property Journey with Allen & Janet 

Based on facts & clarity, this couple upgraded their HDB & bought a brand new condo at a location that they never imagine possible!


This couple is also our everyday Singaporeans in their 30s with 2 young children.  They upgraded their HDB to a Brand New Condo, during the Covid-19 pandemic times.  They are currently living at their temporary place, waiting for their new home to be completed.


Previously from their own google info, to family & friends’ opinions, they always thought low Psf price, freehold, near mrt are the only considerations to buy a property.

After going through our research, they realized that a safe purchase actually goes far beyond these “so-called must have checklists”  They made their purchase based on facts & data of Singapore real estate, not based on hearsays, how they 'feel'.


When they are equipped with the right knowledge, they will understand why they are buying.

Everyone Has A Different Property Planning & Needs that is Unique to them!


There’s no 1 size fits all, your property plan is never going to be the same as your colleagues, friends, relatives — because we all have different objectives for our assets.


Wondering if you should upgrade your HDB to a private property?

Chat with us, we’ve helped many couples get there; they all started from wondering if they can…to they did it!


Importantly, give yourself the chance to get full clarity that’s not based on hearsays or googled info.

Allen & Janet | AllenJanetProperty

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