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This couple found Allen & Janet on Facebook when they were exploring to upgrade their property.  Fast forward their journey.  

Within the 12th day of launching the marketing campaign, a buyer was secured & agreed to buy at $15,000 Above Valuation!  Which also marks the HIGHEST RECORD PRICE 

ever achieved for their block! 


The Buyer who bought it came at the 1st openhouse & offered the highest which is WAY ABOVE the asking price in the advertisements.


Check out one of key strategy that got this property sold higher:

  • Asking Price was $460,000 

  • Actual Price Sold was $480,000 

  • Difference is $20,000 MORE !


Asking price vs Actual sold price is a difference of $20,000.

Why is the Buyer willing to pay more, instead of asking for discount?! 


It's a very common practice in the market that asking prices are marked up to buffer for discounts . 

Most people finds it unimaginable, just like most of our clients before.

They couldn't imagine how is it possible to make the buyer end up paying more than the asking price! It is an unheard of strategy in the market!

This strategy has helped many of our clients to achieve a better price within a shorter time frame for their properties. 

Our signature U.P.S Matrix™ system might just be that missing link for your property, and it might be even more so for today's real estate climate.

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