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Casa Clementi 4Rm

I'll like to say a big thanks to Allen and Janet for helping us secure such a Good Price within such Short Period of marketing my house at Casa Clementi.​ 

It was very impressive of them to push my price up from what the buyer had offered originally without compromising on my ideal price.


We knew that it was a uphill task for them because there were few factors working against us: the current market condition, other units were also selling at the same time and we were competing against those of better views and higher floor levels.  


Despite these, we still managed to cashout a very good profit within the timeline we wanted because Allen and Janet had given us the right price strategy to attract the right buyers; not ​​window shoppers which can result in unproductive showings.


Engaging Allen and Janet was the best decision we made and they have changed our impression about property agents into a positive one.  They showed their expertise in negotiations and managed to promote the unique selling point of our house even though there were better units on the market at the same time. We are happy with their professionalism and how they looked after our interests, they was not looking to do a quick sale. 


Even after the house was sold, they still continue to offer genuine and sincere after-sales service as you can see, they gave us valuable advice on our buying even though we did not engage them to represent us. 

We recommend Allen and Janet to anyone looking for a property agent and will definitely use their services again for future property sales.


Satisfied Sellers of Casa Clementi

Are you facing challenges in selling your property?
- Many viewings but mostly unfruitful
- There are many objections to the house
- Offers you received are ridiculously low
- Is your house effectively market to reach out to the targeted buyers in this digital age?
- Agent did not come and conduct viewings
- Are you working with a friend/relative agent who you find that it is complicated to mix relationship with business and this is affecting the sale?

We have the track record to make it work for you. Know your options.

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