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80A Telok Blangah Towers 4Rm

Do you want to know how we helped this client sell their recently MOP flat and got a 6 figure CASH PROCEEDS!

Andrew and Gwen who has 2 young children were unsure if selling their HDB flat was a good idea. Some of their concerns are:

• Can I even afford to buy a private property?

• How much cash/CPF will we stand to gain if we sell?

• How much cash/CPF is needed to buy a condo?
• How can I reach the fullest potential of my flat without taking unnecessary risks?
• What happens if I suddenly lose my job?
• Will the government take back my HDB flat when the lease runs out?
• What is the best thing to do in my situation?


Not only have we helped them sold their house at a price they're very happy with, we've also ensure that the next property they're buying is a safe and good buy.

Do you have the same concerns?

We have the track record to make it work for you. 


Know your options. Drop us a line.

Allen: 9796 7670

Janet: 9623 6164

Or leave your details at Contact Us.

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