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Read all of our clients upgrading stories from HDB to private property here:

What Wendy & David of 448 Pasir Ris Says About Us:

Allen & Janet are TERRIBLE! 

So terrible that they sold off our house so fast, we know they can sell fast but that’s too fast! The whole process happened so quickly that sometimes we still can’t believe we are already living in our new place.


Ok on a more serious note, when we first thought of selling our house, we interviewed a few agents. We shortlisted some to interview based on their presence on social media.


One of the criteria we wanted was agents who are tech savvy.


We came across Allen & Janet on Facebook one day so after checking out their credentials, we shortlisted them for the ‘interview’ we thought “Just meet them lah, what have we got to lose?”


When we met them, unlike what the other agents did, spent time trying to hard-sell new projects which we are skeptical about.


They made sure they understood what our future plans were and our concerns, address our doubts and run through the numbers with us until we completely understand the whole process.


We had many questions and the whole meet up lasted more than 2 hours but they patiently answered them. They also showed us very detailed analysis for the next house we are buying to make sure it will be a suitable and safe choice for us.


At the end of the day, it’s how comfortable your agents make you feel. We’ve had agents who insisted that we do home staging during the whole duration of the sale and during viewings the house must be in super duper tip top condition.


I mean come on, we are a family of 6 with 2 kids. That’s just not practical. Some also “force feed” us that this or that new project must be our new home. But we’re just not comfortable with the price or location.


What sets Allen & Janet apart is they truly make the effort to understand our needs first.


But like we said, they’re terrible because they sold our house in less than 2 weeks at a record price too if we might add.


They then planned our next home search and everything went very smoothly.  And here we are now in our new place – from selling to buying to settling into the new house - all done smoothly in less than 4 months!


David & I are super happy. To the homeowners who are thinking or already trying to sell, have a meet up with them. What have you got to lose?

David & Wendy - Proud owners of The Esparis Condo

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