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Andre's Testimonial : A Buying Journey

Beginning this calendar year I decided to purchase my own property in Singapore after living and renting here for quite some time. As a first time buyer I was of course a bit concerned to get it done right.


Hence, I was asking for recommendation for an agent and a close friend of mine suggested to engage Mrs. Janet Ow as she would be a good partner for my requirements. I got in touch with her and she immediately made the effort to meet me in person first, so that she was able to understand my criteria first before even bringing me around to view places.


She was very attentive in seeking to understand my lifestyle, my job, my family and even down to my kids. She told me that it is important for me to have that meeting with her first before I jump into the market without the proper basic knowledge.

Subsequently, Janet took the initiative to screen the market for attractive units as she had now a clear picture of my needs. She recommend me properties that I never thought could have been suitable for me.


She indeed made me think out of the box and through her I settled on a property that was more than perfect and even better than what I originally had in mind. All this was possible, because she listened to me attentively!

She heard from me that I sometime worry about my boys' safety at home as they are quite playful. So she opened my eyes to a ground floor patio unit which is safer for my boys as I do not have to worry about their safety unlike high-rise units. 


Plus the house is situated right next to the pool, so that I can leave the boys to play in the pool while I rest in my patio. Living in this house is a win win situation, due to the fact that I can enjoy my own space while the boys are still within my sight when they play around the condo. 


What Janet has achieved for me is not just a house at a good price, but a lifestyle that suits my family perfectly. Not forgetting the fact that she did official valuations of the unit before I made an offer to ensure that my interests are protected and in the end buying at a fair market price.

I am very pleased with her attentiveness to my needs and how she took the initiative to recommend the right products although it may sound radical to them at first.  Her sincerity had helped me and my family to find a perfect home and I want to thank her again for all her kind support.

Andre. S & Family

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