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From wanting to buy a Resale HDB to buying a New Launch Private Property.

What are the data and numbers we shared that convinced Amy to buy a new launch instead?

On Dec 21st, we met this Buyer, Amy who has the intention to buy a resale HDB flat as her first property.


We asked her, why HDB?

She told us she always thought as a first time buyer, one should start with a HDB.

After we run through our U.P.S Matrix™ system, she realised a HDB will not make financial sense for her future.


In fact, the data we show her made her realise that HDB prices are dropping and if she were to buy one now, she'll most probably have to sell at a loss in the future.

She dropped the resale HDB plan & went for a new private property after she learnt that it is a safer purchase as our U.P.S Matrix™ System had shown her  not only it can hold value better, it also has good potential for capital upside.

1 week later on Dec 29th, she is a proud owner of a new private property which she can either rent out for extra income $ or sell it when it gains Capital Appreciation!

Her CPF funds has never worked so hard for her. Until now.

As always, glad that our work & our U.P.S Matrix™ system can preserve wealth for our clients through the right properties with safe planning.

Your property needs are unique, your journey & future are uniquely yours.

That's why we tailor-made the best solutions to suit each individual.

Most importantly it must be using the least funds to achieve the best results with the lowest risk.  

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